Friday, January 19, 2007

Latest Interests

Here is a list of some things that I am into lately:

Music: The Decembrists, Orff's Carmina Burana, Afro-Celt Sound System, and Karminsky Experience, Nick Drake

Games: Settlers of Cattan, classic Diablo

Clothes: bowties, sweaters that Ellie picks out for me.

Haircut: short and gelled.

Parenting: Parent as sage.

Calling: Seminary Teacher as Deweyan Educator

Food: Slim Fast Shakes, McDonald’s Snack Wraps, Triple chocolate chip cookies

Drink: Code Red Mountain Dew, Punch-soda mix (shaken, not stirred)

Politics: Barak Obama, “first 100 hours,” John Kenneth Galbraith, Blue Ohio, ignoring Bush, John Murtha

Teams: Jazz (but fading fast), Wisconsin Badgers, anyone who plays against the South Eastern Conference.

Philosophers: John Rawls, Amy Gutmann, Hilary Putnam, William James (as usual)

Theology: Finitism, Scripture as incarnation, liberation theology, source-critical analysis

Magazines: The New Yorker, Harpers, National Geographic, American Prospect